Wild Woods Music Co-op

Rutland, Vt., Acoustic Song Circle

Fiddle Tunes We Play

Here are some tunes we played at our fiddle jams, and the keys. Numbers indicate the number of times the tune has been played at our jams.

Alabama Jubilee (C)

Amazing Grace (A or G) 2 

Amelia's Waltz (D) 

Angeline the Baker (D)

Arkansas Traveler (D) 2

The Ash Grove (G)

Ashoken Farewell (D) 3

Atholl Highlander's (4-part Scottish jig) (A)

Barbara Allen (G)

Bill Bailey (D) 2

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (D) 2

Buddy Better Get on Down the Line (G)

Buffalo Gals (C or D) 2 

But That Was Before I Met You (A)

Cherokee Shuffle (A)

Coal Tattoo (Em)

Cock of the North (A)

Cold Frosty Morning (Am

Coleman's March (D)

Colored Aristocracy (G) 2

Crawdad (G)

Cripple Creek (A)

Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase (C)

Danny Boy (A) 2

Diamond Joe (D)

Dixie (G)

Down by the Riverside (A)

Ducks on the Mill Pond (A)

Dusty Bob's Jig (G)

Eidelweiss (C)

Eighth of January (G) 2

Farewell to Whiskey (G)

Fisher's Hornpipe (D) 

Flop-Eared Mule (D and A, G and D) 3

Fraises et Framboises (G)

The Girl I Left Behind (G)

Git Along Home Cindy (D)

Golden Slippers (G or C or D) 3

Goodnight Irene (G)

Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine (D)

Green Mountain Petronella (G)

Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman (A)

Haste to the Wedding (D)

Hop High Ladies (G)

In My Socks With a Gun (D)

Jenny Lind Polka (D and G)

John Henry (D)

Joys of Quebec (A) 3

Just a Closer Walk With Thee (D)

Just Because (G)

Kentucky Waltz (D)

Kesh Jig (G) (2)

Liberty (D)

Little Beggarman (A)

Little Brown Jug (C)

Loch Leven Castle (A)

Loch Lomond (C)

Long Black Veil (D)

Lorena (D)

March in D (Gus Bloch) (D)

Marching Through Georgia (G) 4

Margaret's Waltz (A) 2

McRyan's Lament (Gary Owen) (A)

Midnight on the Water (D)

The Moon and the Seven Stars (D)

Mom's Waltz (G)

Nancy Rowland (G)

No Place Like Home (G)

O Susanna (A)

L'Oiseau Bleu (The Bluebird) (D)

Old Dan Tucker (G)

Old Joe Clark (A) 2

Out on the Ocean (G)

Over the Waterfall (D) 2

Pig Ankle Rag (D)

Pig in a Pen (D) 

Play Dixie For Me (G) (D)

Puncheon Floor (G and D)

Ragtime Annie, three parts (D, third part in G) 3

Rakes of Mallow (G)

Red-Haired Boy (A) 2

Red Wing (G) 3

Richardson Schottische (C)

Road to Boston (G or D) 2

Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms (G)

Sail Away Ladies (G)

St. Anne's Reel (D) 5

Ballad of St. Anne's Reel (D)

Sally Ann (A) 2

Scollay's Reel (Em) 2

Shady Grove (Gm)

Shenandoah (A)

Silver Bells (G)

Soldier's Joy (D) 3

Some Kind of Love (G)

Star of the County Down (G) 2

Stay All Night (G)

Stone's Rag (D)

Sweet Sunny South (C)

This Little Light of Mine (C or G) 2

Tombigbee Waltz (G)

Turkey in the Straw (G)

Two Below (Year of Jubilo parody) (A and D) 2

Under the Double Eagle (G and C) 2

Virginia's Reel (G)

Wabash Cannonball (G)

Wagon Yard (G)

Waiting for the Federals (Seneca Square Dance) (G) 2

Walls of Time (A)

Waltzing Mathilda (G)

Waverly Two-Step (D) 

Westphalia Waltz (G) 2

Whiskey Before Breakfast (D) 2

White Cockade (G)

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (C or D) 2

Wreck of Old 97 (A) 2

Year of Jubilo (D)

You Married My Daughter (But Yet You Didn't) (G)